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Jumpstart your business while saving time and money


Kick start your business or increase your available product offerings while reducing overhead and costly mistakes. With GRAMS' industry knowledge and access to top-of-the-line equipement, we can help you from equipement selection through product creation.


Our Background and Experience

The GRAMS’ team has significant experience head up by our director of operation’s Karl Edelman. Karl’s 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry was focused on the areas of equipment purchase/install, process development of micronized encapsulated powders, and scale up of distribution businesses.

GRAMS was founded in 2018 by John Levesque and Karl. John was tasked with streamlining Karl’s many processes and offerings. This was done by becoming experts in understanding packaging, blends, innovative new technology and the Cannanoid marketplace.

GRAMS' THC Mobile Program brings the lab to you.

Have us build your new product under your roof and your license.

Full line of equipment including bench top spray dryer, ribbon blender, stick pack form fill seal machine, and tablet press.

Mobile program equipment does not require large amount of workspace or build out.

Mobile program equipment designed to produce significant amount of product to keep the shelves stocked. Ask your sales rep to learn more about quantity and pricing

Expand your product offerings

Turn-Key processes in place for THC powdered drink mix, k-cup coffee, and pressed chewable tablets.

Ask your sales rep to learn more about quantity and pricing.

Standard project run time 3-5 business days.

Easily schedule our team in advance quarterly or as you see fit.

Expand your THC offerings to include water-soluble products like single serve drink mixes packaged into stick packs and chewable tablets

Prefer to own your own equipment and process?

GRAMS understands the need to own your own process in this industry. That is why we are ready to teach your team how to spray dry their own microencapsulated cannabinoid & terpene powder.

Make our intellectual property yours and allow us to consult and facilitate on the purchasing of the right equipment for your business.

GRAMS will handle everything up to the install of your equipment and provide customer service as a resource for your company until your process engineers are confident and efficient.