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Our Background and Experience

The GRAMS’ team has significant experience headed up by our director of operation’s Karl Edelman. Karl’s 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and functional food arenas was focused on equipment purchase/install, the process development of various target compounds micronized into encapsulated powders and scale up of commerical production.

GRAMS was founded in 2018 by John Levesque and Karl. John's background in food science, packaging, and project management pairs nicely with Karl's lab experience. Together they have built proven turn-key manufacturing processes focused around flowable functional powders.

Own your Equipment and Process

GRAMS understands the need to own and control your production process in this industry. That is why we are ready to consult with your team from equipment install to product formulation.

Intellectual Property - GRAMS has already done the work of developing a soluble, free flowing encapsulated cannabinoid powder. Now learn how to make your own.

Equipment Purchase - We consult with your team to understand your needs and ensure the right equipment is purchased. Full-service sales guidance while purchasing quality spray drying, blending, and packaging equipment.

Equipment Install - GRAMS team members are available to be onsite for the management of equipment installation.

Onsite Employee Training - We work with your team until the person(s) is ready to fully operate the day-to-day practices.

Open a discussion about expanding the product offerings and revenue streams of your manufacturing facility.