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Custom Formulations

GRAMS' holds the ability to work with any and all cannabinoid/terpene extractions. If you do not see your desired product or are interested in creating a proprietary product, do not hesitate to reach out and enroll into our R&D programs. Learn more here.

FAQ & Product Specs

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  • What is BioSol Cannabioid Liquid?

    BioSol Water-Soluble Liquid is a proprietary ingredient manufactured following cGMP standards at a licensed hemp processing facility utilizing all GRAS ingredients and quality extractions.

    BioSol Liquid is a Self Micro Emulsifying Drug Delivery System (SMEDDS). This means we are using chemistry to solubilize our cannabinoids into a complete true solution! Definition of true solution, the solvents and solutes are properly homogenized with a particle size >1nm. The BioSol liquid is ready to be added into a formulation which will now create what is called Colloidal Solution where the solute is uniformly distributed into the liquid. Final result is a superior drug delivery system that increases bioavailability and solubility of the drug active.

  • Why Choose BioSol Liquid

    The GRAMS team combines a wealth of knowledge and good manufacturing practices in the process development and scale up of BioSol ingredients. We manufacture all our ingredients working along side GMP title 21:101, 111, & 117 guidelines.

    We have a full research & development team with the flexibility to make the necessary tweaks to our BioSol liquid formulations so they can best match the customer needs regarding function, and labeling resulting in an ingredient that meeting your businesses goals.

  • Popular Uses

    -Ready To Drink (RTD) Beverage Formulation

    -Oil/Water Based Topicals

    -Spray Infused Teas & Coffee

  • Product Specs

    Shelf Life – 24 months

    Storage- Recommend storage in a cool dry place <77F(<25C) in received packaging. Avoid excessive temperature and light exposure.

    Physical Specs – Amber colored liquid, 20% active cannabinoids by weight

    Ingredients– Vetted cannabinoid extraction from industrial hemp plants under the 2018 farm bill act.

    Propylene Glycol, GRAS grade excipients.