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THC Delta-9 Drink Mix in Single Serve Stick Packs

High quality water-soluble Delta-9 cannabinoid powder blended, tested, and packaged into easy to use single serve packs.


Lots beverage blends!

- Flavorless: ready to add to any beverage.

- Naturally flavored: lemonade, watermelon, ice tea, peach, grapefruit, various berries blends, and more.

- Functional: energy, hydration, pre/post workout, rest, nootropic.

- Mushroom extracts: Chaga, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Reishi, and more.

- Other: instant coffee, matcha tea, coconut creamer.


Available in different sizes: 20mm - 90mm widths

Minimum order quantity: 20,000 units 

Digital and custom plate printing available.

All Delta-9 orders come with COAs to prove a hemp derived quality extraction. 


Increase the bioavailability and onset time of your edible offerings :)

Watch our process on YouTube!

(217) Packaging THC beverage blends into single serve stick packs. - YouTube


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