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News from Grams Inc

Posts tagged: cannabinoids

Delta-9 THC Water-Soluble Powder

GRAMS (CMO) specializes in the product development and scale up of spray dried compounds in the food, and nutraceutical space.   Recently we have been receiving inquiries to create legally compliant Delta -9 THC finished product.  We offer a variety of ready for label beverage blends infused with our micro-encapsulated Delta-9...

THC Delta-9 Drink Mix in Single Serve Stick Packs

High quality water-soluble Delta-9 cannabinoid powder blended, tested, and packaged into easy to use single serve packs.   Lots beverage blends! - Flavorless: ready to add to any beverage. - Naturally flavored: lemonade, watermelon, ice tea, peach, grapefruit, various berries blends, and more. - Functional: energy, hydration, pre/post workout, rest,...

Research & Development of Ingredients & Finished Goods

At the heart of our company is a passion for the research and development of new ingredients and finished good products that will better fit our client’s needs.  GRAMS assists in the development of proprietary spray drying methods for target compounds and products by conducting benchtop and pilots scale trail...

Cannabinoid & Mushroom Infused Instant Coffee

No secret we have a fixation with coffee.  In his early career the head of our operations Karl Edelman was a food scientist for Maxwell House, and he will talk to you about coffee until you need to make another pot.  GRAMS has developed Keurig compatible single serve cannabinoid k-cup...

Private & White Label Stick Packs

GRAMS’ has built a list of complete turn-key finished good offerings around single serve stick packaging.  Stick packs have proven to be extremely valuable for cannabinoid products by offering accurate unit dosing, longer shelf life, and easy labeling. This satisfies both regulatory entities and benefits the final consumer.