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Single Serve Stick Pack Co-Packaging: Convenience & Efficiency

Convenience is a key factor that drives consumer preferences. This is especially true in the realm of food and beverages, where on-the-go consumption and portion control are highly valued.

Single serve stick packs have emerged as a popular packaging option, offering convenience, portability, and precise dosing.

Understanding Single Serve Stick Packs:

Single serve stick packs are individual, pre-measured portions of powdered product, enclosed in a convenient stick-shaped package. These stick packs are designed for on the go single-use and are ideal for various applications, such as beverage powders, pre-workouts, hydration powder, coffee, tea, protein powders, nutritional supplements, and more. Their compact size and tear able packaging make them easy to carry, open, and use, making them an excellent choice for busy individuals, travelers, and those seeking portion control.

Co-Packaging Services:

Grams offers single serve stick pack co-packaging services specifically tailored to handle your production, dry blending, and packaging needs.

Grams has a low MOQ of 20,000 custom printed stick, which normally can be divided into 2 SKUs.

Various Packaging Sizes Available

-Widths: 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 35mm, 90mm

-Lengths: 60mm-130mm

Ready For Label Formulations:

-Beverage Powder Various Flavors / Unflavored




-Coconut Coffee Creamer

-Fruiting Body Mushroom Infused Powder

-Various Soluble Tea & Instant Coffee

Benefits of Single Serve Stick Pack Co-Packaging Services:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Co-packaging services provide economies of scale and expertise, allowing businesses to benefit from reduced costs associated with packaging materials, equipment, and labor. By outsourcing the packaging process, businesses can avoid significant upfront investments and ongoing maintenance costs.

  2. Customization and Branding: We offer a list of services that will customize your product proprietary to your brand. Turn-key digital printing stick pack design, and labeling. Grams' R&D program can also easily source new ingredients and consults on the best way to achieve your formulation goals.

  3. Stability: Most of our beverage powder SKUs have a 2–3-year shelf life once packaged into the food grade stick pack film.

  4. Scalability: As businesses grow and demand increases, co-packaging services can easily scale up production to meet the needs of expanding markets. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt to market fluctuations without the need for significant infrastructure investments.


Please reach out to to learn more and setup and introductory free consultation. Look forward to working together :)

You can see our process in action clicking here

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