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Private & White Label Stick Packs

GRAMS’ has built a list of complete turn-key finished good offerings around single serve stick packaging.  Stick packs have proven to be extremely valuable for cannabinoid products by offering accurate unit dosing, longer shelf life, and easy labeling. This satisfies both regulatory entities and benefits the final consumer.

Stick Pack Product Offerings:

  • Flavorless Drink Additive
  • Flavored Drink Mix
  • Energy Drink Mix Blend
  • Hydration Drink Mix Blend
  • Rest Drink Mix Blend
  • Instant Coffee
  • Matcha Tea
  • Mushroom Extracts
  • Effervescent Drink Mix

Available Stick Sizes:

  • 25mm W
  • 35mm W
  • 90mm W
  • Available Stick Length ranges between 40mm-130mm L
  • Custom Width Tooling is Available

Minimum Order Quantity:

  • 20,000 sticks

Sustainability: GRAMS encourages its partners to utilize sustainable materials.  Advancements in Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) and Compostable Stick Film has allowed GRAMS to stay on the path of delivering quality packaging while staying committed to a GEENER future!

Digital Printing: Full CKYM digital printing.  Digital printing stick pack film eliminates expensive plate and art work charges.  It also allows clients to run multiple SKUs of artwork at NO additional costs.

Research & Development:  Have an custom idea? Please do not hesitate to reach out.  Our favorite projects are the ones that you are passionate about and that fall outside of the box.  We also love to learn and we only do that by trying new things!

Artwork Services: GRAMS will provide you with a project dyeline and artwork guideline document for all projects.  If you need a design partner to build your vision, GRAMS has a fantastic artist on staff that can bring your brand to life.

Get a quote and reach out to or 401-244-7943

Comments (3)

  • Michelle Stene on May 31, 2023

    Looking for turn key private label for hydration or hang over remedy type product.

  • Vasiliy on May 31, 2023

    We are looking for powder goods sachet private label packaging. Size 110 mm x 24 mm. weight 3 g. First trial 3 SKU x 100 lb each. Please get quote.

  • Casey Miles on August 04, 2022

    I’m looking for a co-packer for powder stick packs. If this is something you do, could you please send MoQ’s and tolling? Thank you!

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