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Delta-9 THC Water-Soluble Powder

GRAMS (CMO) specializes in the product development and scale up of spray dried compounds in the food, and nutraceutical space.  

Recently we have been receiving inquiries to create legally compliant Delta -9 THC finished product.  We offer a variety of ready for label beverage blends infused with our micro-encapsulated Delta-9 THC BioSol powder.

Beverage Blends  

Flavorless Beverage Additive Powder

Flavored Beverage Blend

Hydration Beverage Blend

Energy/Sports Active Blend

Instant Coffee

Vegan Coconut Coffee Creamer


Single Serve Stick Packs - MOQ 20,000 units

Multi Severing Stand Up Flexibles - MOQ 1,000 units

Plastic Jars - MOQ 500 units

GRAMS has been working to create free flowing water-soluble cannabinoid powders since 2018.  Every cannabinoid extraction processes differently into powder so building a strong supply chain and R&D program has been critical to delivering quality finished product.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions

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