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Cannabinoid & Mushroom Infused Instant Coffee

No secret we have a fixation with coffee.  In his early career the head of our operations Karl Edelman was a food scientist for Maxwell House, and he will talk to you about coffee until you need to make another pot.  GRAMS has developed Keurig compatible single serve cannabinoid k-cup pods that actually deliver the cannabinoid dose to the brewed cup of coffee.  We have turn-key certified organic & fair-trade coffee ready to be packaged into multiple secondary packaging options. 

Now we are introducing Instant Coffee Finished Good…  Instant coffee is experiencing a surge of popularity here in the states due to large corporations like Starbucks introducing their micro ground instant coffee stick packs.  GRAMS takes it a step further by creating functional supplement instant coffee offerings. 


Turn-Key CBD & Mushroom Instant Coffee ready for your label.

MOQ: 20,000 Stick Packs

Key Ingredients (per 4g serving)

- 100% Natural Arabica Coffee Beans

- 30mg CBD (BioSol™ Water-Soluble Powder)

- 130mg Chaga (8:1 Extraction)

- 130mg Lions Mane (8:1 Extraction)

- 62mg Reishi (16:1 Extraction)


* All mushroom extractions from the fruiting body of the mushroom.

** Includes full digital custom printing on stick packs.


Reach out to to receive a quote and/or learn about how GRAMS can infuse instant coffee with a list of cannabinoids, mushroom extracts, and other adaptogens to create a proprietary functional powdered coffee that fits your brand.

Comments (4)

  • Nicholas Dominic on May 31, 2023

    Hello, we are Mushroom company called Funki Fungi, LLC and were interested in doing a private label with you guys could I possibly get a price quote.

  • sam on August 04, 2022

    Please send your price quote and spec sheet for our consideration. thanks

  • David Brown on August 04, 2022

    What a perfect combination! I am looking forward to trying out this formulation very soon!

  • David Brown on August 04, 2022

    What a perfect combination! I am looking forward to trying this formulation

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